About food and technology

Welcome to my food and IT blog. I am Paul Fabella, a Game designer, writer, 3D Artist, Multimedia Specialist, Animator, musician, boxer, and culinary scientist.

Aside from my other endeavors, Food and Technology has always been part of my growth. As an artist, I try to come up with new and simple ways to experiment with food. This way, I can start to make my own recipes and specialties. Being a techie, its so important to have my mind open all the time for new information, new knowledge, and new stuffs about today’s technology. I started out in college as an IT student, then shifted into Multimedia Arts, therefore building my career in arts and gaming.  Culinary science is what I call my habit of experimenting with food. As I’ve learned from other successful chefs, how can you create a new dish if you don’t experiment with the ingredients?

Thanks for entering my blog, and I hope you will enjoy my stuffs here. I will be posting my experimental recipes here, as well as my techie solutions and issues. Also, as a health conscious, I will also share tips, tricks, variations, and solutions to weight issues as I’ve personally experienced and applied.


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